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Fair Use Policy

Transparent and simple rules for how the platform can be used.

Fair Use Policy

Why Do We Have a Fair Use Policy?
We offer a cost-effective data management solution with a subscription-based model. This model includes storage and computational costs to give you predictable billing. Our pricing is designed to suit a broad range of data usage needs while ensuring that we can keep the platform robust and affordable.

However, certain high-usage cases might exceed standard limits. Our Fair Use Policy exists to manage these cases. Exceeding these limits initiates a review of your subscription to potentially adjust it to better match your data usage. This ensures a fair and optimal usage environment for all users.

Fair Use Limits
Compute Limit:
For each 100GB subscription, you have a compute limit of 10TB for data queries. This includes data collection, transformation, and consumption.

Storage Limit:
A 100GB subscription restricts you to 100GB storage in the History Layer. No limits apply to other layers, but all data must be processed through the History Layer.

API Limitations:
No API call restrictions.

Query Limitations:
No query frequency restrictions.

User Limitations:
No restrictions on user access.

Policy Review
We periodically review and may modify this policy based on factors like changes in processing costs, technological advancements, and customer feedback. Any changes will be communicated in advance.

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