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Information Product Canvas training course

Information Product Canvas training course


This course trains teams to capture data requirements using the Information Product Canvas. It teaches a common language for all teams to communicate requirements, solving all common communication issues between stakeholders and data teams. This speeds-up the requirements process, eliminates rework, and leads to more impactful products. IPCs becomes the building block of your product Roadmap.

It is ideal for Product Owners, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Leaders.

It is delivered Virtually for 4 hours.

It has a maximum of 12 attendees.

Beyond Data offers services, such as consulting, advisory on team design, and training, alongside our world-class data management platform. We believe that most companies are still struggling to piece together all the tools, processes, and people they need to run an effective data capability.


So we share our expertise, from start to finish, on how to turn your data into business value. While you don't need to be a platform customer to use the services, our platform is built with agile best-practices at its core and can leapfrog your data maturity years ahead in just months.

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