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Fast Analytics means
Fast Decisions

If your teams are stuck performing manual analysis in spreadsheets, you need a data platform to automate the complexity and give you the answers, simply. 

Are You Drowning in Data but Starving for Insights?

Businesses are more complex than ever. And having the right data at your fingertips is crucial for making strategic decisions. Yet, without the proper tools, dealing with data can feel like trying to drink from a firehose. If you're relying on manual data tasks in Excel, you're likely facing these challenges:

  1. Time-Consuming Manual Processes: Spending countless hours manually compiling, cleaning, and analysing data in Excel spreadsheets. This not only eats into your productive time but also delays decision-making processes.

  2. Error-Prone Analysis: Manual data handling increases the risk of errors, from simple input mistakes to complex formula mishaps. These inaccuracies can lead to misguided business strategies and operational inefficiencies.

  3. Limited Data Integration: Struggling to consolidate data from diverse sources, which limits your ability to get a holistic view of your business landscape. This siloed approach hinders comprehensive analysis and insight generation.

  4. Scalability Constraints: As your business grows, so does the volume of your data. Excel's capabilities are quickly outpaced, making it nearly impossible to efficiently scale your data analysis processes to match your growth.

  5. Insight to Action Lag: The time it takes to move from data analysis to actionable insights is painfully long. This delay can cost you valuable opportunities and hinder your ability to respond swiftly to market changes.

Then Beyond Data is for you.

Why Growing Businesses
Choose Beyond Data

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Seamless integration

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Automatically scales

How It Transforms Yo​ur Work

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Get more time in the day back

Effortless Data Gathering

Connect with ease using our 300+ pre-built connectors, making your data gathering as simple as a spreadsheet formula. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to instant connections with all your key systems.

Intuitive Business Mapping

Transform your intricate spreadsheet models into dynamic, scalable data models with minimal effort. Define your business logic in terms we all understand, and watch your data come to life.

Automatic Data Enrichment

Let our platform do the heavy lifting. From validating to compiling your data, we ensure everything is ready for your analysis, freeing you up to explore deeper insights and opportunities.

Immediate Insight Generation

Dive into analysis without delay. Our platform streamlines your path from data to decision, enabling swift, informed business moves.

What you
can build


Real-time Alerting

Automated Decision Engines

Statistical Forecasts


APIs as a Service

Personalisation Engines



Most Common Integrations

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Features loved by startups

300+ connectors
Pre-built automated data collectors
data catalog
data catalog showing user's data
ai-powered natural language queries
Ai powered natural language search
data quality rules
Data quality trust rules
no code transformations
no code data transformations

Tool Sync

Seamlessly feed enhanced data back into your preferred  tool such as excel or Power BI.


Protect your data with top-tier security measures, ensuring your insights remain yours.


Keep your data fluid and accessible, leveraging insights across platforms without barriers.


Depend on our platform’s consistency, regardless of team changes. Your data processes remain uninterrupted.


Be agile and iterate , all while significantly reducing your costs compared to traditional data engineering routes.


Streamline your processes and reduce overhead, get more value from your data than ever before.

  • How quickly can we expect to see results after implementing your platform?
    Once your data is loaded from your apps, you could be building a dashboard within minutes, have a functioning prototype in hours, and a usable dashboard to share within your business in under a week.
  • How is your platform different from other data management platforms?
    Our platform is: End-to-end—which means you don't need to stitch together lots of applications and have a team maintaining these connections No-code—anyone can be a data expert and you won't need to rely on data engineers to give you data AI-assisted—quickly answer your questions with AI natural language queries such as "How many sales did we make last week worth more than $150?" Automated—many tasks you would typically spend your day doing are automated, so you can focus on gaining insights from your data
  • What does the implementation process look like?
    We work with you to identify all your source applications, we configure our pre-built connectors to your applications, and data will start flowing into the platform automatically. This process would take months to build from scratch, but only hours with our platform.
  • Do you provide training or onboarding to help us get started?
    Yes! We provide 5 free hours to setup, train, and onboard you. Rarely do customers need more help than that. But if you do then we are happy to have a chat about your needs.
  • How hard is it to operate your platform?
    We say the platform requires 1 data analyst to manage it; the platform does the rest. For companies without an Analyst, we can manage the platform and build your analytics reports for a reasonable hourly fee.
  • What are the built-in data cleansing capabilities of your platform?
    While we are always adding more capabilities, here is the current list of data transformation steps available: - Aggregate - Join - Filter - If then - Date - Pivot - Unpivot - Calculated Field - Union - Unnest
  • How do you manage bugs?
    We hate bugs. So much that they go straight to the top of the list. Bugs typically don't last in our system longer than 24 hours.
  • Can you explain more about the automatic data quality issue notifications?
    We have 'Trust Rules' which notify, warn, or error based on certain data rules being broken. You may only want a warning if the data maximum value range has increased, while you may want an error if a duplicate record is detected.
  • How many company applications can your platform connect to?
    We can natively connect to 300+ applications, extract the data and it will display in the data catalog for you to begin using. If you use applications that we don't have pre-built connectors for, we will work with you or your application providers to find the best method to get the data into our platform with the least friction.
  • How is your platform updated, and how often do these updates occur?
    Our platform is regularly updated, often several times throughout the day. All changes are triaged for how they affect our users. Any potentially disruptive changes you will be given ample warning and support.
  • Can your platform be used to create machine learning algorithms?
    Yes! Just like for building your own dashboards, you can easily connect to any dataset from any type of consumption you want, such as a jupyter notebook, local python script, databricks, you name it. To build your own ML models, you simply point them to the dataset you want. If you want to start using Machine Learning but don't have the in-house skills, we have experienced Data Scientists who can build these for you, just reach out.
  • What kind of reporting or analytics does your platform provide?
    We are an end-to-end data management platform. The final 'deliverable' of our platform is an analytics-ready dataset. This dataset can be consumed in any analytics platform you like. You can use paid BI platforms such as Tableau, PowerBI, or Qlik. Otherwise we natively connect to Google Looker Studio for you to use for free.
  • What happens if we want to stop using the platform?
    We don't believe in locking you in. If you opt to cancel your subscription, we will send you all your data and transformation rules. Then we delete your data and rules.
  • How many users can we have access the platform?
    You should be encouraged to have your teams be more data-driven, not punished. So we don't believe in charging per user. You can have as many users as you like.
  • Can we try your platform before committing to a purchase?
    While we don't offer a free trial, we do have a 30-day money back guarantee if you want to cancel for any reason.
  • How does your pricing model work as our data needs grow?
    Our platform has a standard monthly fee for the platform with an adjustment based on your data volume. As your data grows, your adjustment will increase to reflect the increased usage of the platform and benefit you get. If you don't find value in all your historic data, we can send it to you for cold storage, only keeping the data in the platform you want. But most companies recognise value from all their data, not a subset, and therefore want the maximum amount of data in the platform and believe the costs are reasonable.
  • Do you have lock-in contracts or require annual payments?
    One monthly payment, no lock-in contract. All we require is 30 days notice of the cancellation of your subscription.
  • Do you have a dedicated customer success manager for each account?
    We sure do. We give each of our customer's a personalised and dedicated point-of-contact who knows their use case.
  • How quickly can we expect to receive help if we encounter an issue with your platform?
    Standard support is always provided within 24 hours, and oftentimes much quicker than that. Quick and competent customer support provided by technical experts is important to us and we'll always endeavour to make that available. If our customer support team can't solve your enquiry we can easily escalate the issue to our platform architect who will respond quickly.
  • Who can access the data in our tenancy?
    Each Customer has a tenancy which includes all their users, data, configuration, and links to consumption assets (e.g. reports). Our customer support team retains access to your tenancy so we can support you: performing actions such as adding or revoking user access (at your instruction), monitoring for issues, and suggesting best practice usage of the platform. We also have a technical support team who can only access your platform only with your authorisation. We cannot use your data for any purpose other than providing and improving the service we provide to you. Otherwise, the only people with access to your tenancy are the users you instruct us to admit.
  • If we decide to stop using the Beyond Data platform, what happens to our data?
    In this event, we will setup a Google Cloud storage bucket and send all your data there. Then we will delete it from our storage account. We will then transfer the billing of the account to you, so you can manage and pay for your data storage. If you require verification, we can give you permission to view your original storage account with us to ensure none of your data remains.
  • How does your platform support data backup and recovery?
    We backup all data and there is no retention policy as data is never deleted, unless you ask us to. Data is backed up within geographic boundaries across multiple data racks. If your data security policy requires geo-redundant backups we can accommodate that too.
  • Who owns the data in the platform?
    Any data you add to the platform is owned by you. We are simply storing it at your instruction. At any time, the authorised owner of your account (from your business) can let us know (in writing) if you would like your data to be sent to you then deleted from our platform.
  • How does your platform scale as our business grows?
    Our platform leverages the scaling of the Google Cloud Platform and therefore you will never reach a scaling limit.
  • Is your platform cloud-based, or do you offer on-premises options?
    We are 100% cloud based and do not offer on-premise.
  • How does your platform handle data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA?
    As we have customers from all around, and compliance regulations are different everywhere, we have aimed for a high level of compliance based on modern best practice, but we haven't certified to any particular standard.

Explore without commitment—try us out with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Ready to revolutionize your data work?

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