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Why choose Beyond Data?

You should spend your time focusing on the core activities that drive value in your business.

Not building data management platforms. 

Building a data platform? Consider the alternative.

Traditional Setup
  1. Recruit data team

  2. Define project scope and requirements

  3. Choose cloud provider platform

  4. Design architecture

  5. Implement architecture

  6. Set up virtual networks

  7. Configure security measures

  8. Set up storage solutions

  9. Deploy compute resources

  10. Identify source application database tables

  11. Configure data ingestion

  12. Implement data processing pipelines

  13. Set up data lake or warehouse

  14. Design data schema and models

  15. Enable data transformation and cleaning

  16. Implement data partitioning and indexing

  17. Set up data caching layer

  18. Optimize query performance

  19. Set up data backup and recovery

  20. Configure data monitoring and alerts

  21. Establish data access controls

  22. Implement API endpoints for data

  23. Test and validate data integrity

  24. Document data architecture and processes

  25. Configure autoscaling

  26. Set up container orchestration

  27. Implement serverless functions

  28. Setup version control

  29. Build CI/CD pipelines

  30. Track cost and resource usage

  31. Connect visualization tool to data

  32. Start building your dashboard

Beyond data
  1. Login

  2. With our support, setup data connectors, configure users, data quality checks and your data model

  3. Watch data automatically populate, be stored, quality checked, modelled, catalogued, and made available for consumption

  4. Start building your dashboards

And the cost?

Significantly less than building and maintaining with a data team, and cheaper again than consultants.​

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