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Industry Use Cases

How you could use Beyond Data to improve your business

Agriculture Drone


  • Drive crop productivity with superior yield forecasts.

  • Master disease control with improved management.

  • Leverage data for irrigation precision.

  • Foster healthier livestock with enhanced health management.

  • Refine your supply chain for peak efficiency.

  • Anticipate market shifts with predictive analytics.

  • Steer farm equipment operations for optimal efficiency.

  • Simplify your agri-finance reporting.


  • Consolidate project management data for a clearer view.

  • Allocate resources smarter for efficiency.

  • Stay on top of safety with improved compliance tracking.

  • Keep equipment at peak performance with maintenance schedules.

  • Gauge subcontractor performance with detailed analysis.

  • Refine your bid management process.

  • Forecast cash flow with greater accuracy.

  • Gain deeper insights into risk management.

Construction Manager
Chemistry Class


  • Track student performance for educational excellence.

  • Evaluate curriculum effectiveness with streamlined analysis.

  • Boost faculty performance with improved evaluations.

  • Make informed decisions with resource allocation insights.

  • Strengthen ties with alumni via engagement tracking.

  • Manage financial aid more efficiently.

  • Predict student retention more accurately.

  • Simplify your compliance reporting.

Financial Services

  • Gain real-time insights from trading data.

  • Enhance risk management with deeper insights.

  • Segment customers with greater precision.

  • Streamline your compliance reporting.

  • Monitor portfolio performance for strategic adjustments.

  • Bolster fraud detection capabilities.

  • Refine your loan underwriting process.

  • Forecast budgets more accurately.

Stock Market Data


  • Track patient outcomes effectively.

  • Simplify analysis of clinical trial data.

  • Anticipate disease outbreaks with advanced predictions.

  • Optimize your supply chain.

  • Streamline medical billing for efficiency.

  • Refine patient segmentation practices.

  • Simplify regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Enhance tracking of telemedicine services.


  • Simplify claim processing with streamlined data.

  • Stay ahead of fraud with enhanced detection capabilities.

  • Refine customer segmentation.

  • Sharpen risk assessment with advanced models.

  • Improve policy pricing with superior analytics.

  • Make regulatory compliance reporting less of a hassle.

  • Boost agent performance with improved tracking.

  • Enhance catastrophe modeling for preparedness.

Insurance Agent
Container Yard

Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Fine-tune inventory forecasting.

  • Optimize routes with advanced analytics.

  • Simplify order tracking.

  • Improve supplier performance evaluation.

  • Enhance warehouse space utilization.

  • Streamline your compliance reporting.

  • Predict vehicle maintenance needs accurately.

  • Improve tracking of customer delivery experiences.


  • Boost production line efficiency.

  • Refine inventory forecasting.

  • Streamline quality assurance data collection.

  • Predict machinery maintenance needs accurately.

  • Optimize supply chain operations.

  • Simplify regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Enhance energy usage tracking.

  • Boost workforce productivity.

Car Factory
Construction Site

Mining and Metals

  • Predict mineral deposit locations accurately.

  • Stay on top of safety compliance.

  • Keep equipment well-maintained with streamlined schedules.

  • Enhance reporting of environmental impact.

  • Optimize supply chain operations.

  • Simplify regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Enhance tracking of energy usage.

  • Manage the mine lifecycle more effectively.

Oil and Gas

  • Refine reservoir management with predictive analytics.

  • Stay on top of safety compliance.

  • Simplify equipment maintenance with efficient schedules.

  • Enhance your environmental impact reporting.

  • Optimize supply chain operations.

  • Streamline regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Gain insights from energy usage analytics.

  • Improve accuracy of production forecasting.

Construction Engineers
Male Pharmacist


  • Simplify clinical trial data analysis.

  • Accelerate drug discovery with predictive insights.

  • Streamline regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Optimize supply chain operations.

  • Keep track of patents more effectively.

  • Simplify production process data management.

  • Segment customers more effectively.

  • Anticipate market demand more accurately.

Professional Services

  • Predict project profitability more accurately.

  • Allocate resources more efficiently.

  • Simplify client data management.

  • Gain insights from talent management analytics.

  • Keep track of financial performance.

  • Streamline regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Segment customers more effectively.

  • Track service delivery more effectively.

Business Meeting
Buying a House

Real Estate

  • Predict property valuations more accurately.

  • Gain insights from tenant retention analysis.

  • Simplify property maintenance scheduling.

  • Track portfolio performance more effectively.

  • Anticipate market demand more accurately.

  • Streamline regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Gain insights from energy usage analytics.

  • Manage lease contracts more effectively.


  • Drive inventory management with precision forecasting.

  • Deepen understanding of your customer base.

  • Leverage point-of-sale data for actionable insights.

  • Optimize supply chain operations for efficiency and reliability.

  • Monitor product performance for timely strategic adjustments.

  • Simplify regulatory compliance through streamlined reporting.

  • Evaluate store performance with location-centric analytics.

  • Anticipate market trends with improved seasonal demand predictions.

Cafe Owners
Dish Antenna


  • Keep track of network performance for optimal service.

  • Predict customer churn for retention strategies.

  • Streamline regulatory compliance reporting for efficiency.

  • Enhance fraud detection capabilities for risk management.

  • Improve customer segmentation for targeted service.

  • Simplify service outage data analysis for quick resolution.

  • Predict demand for new services for strategic launches.

  • Analyze infrastructure investment for capital planning.


  • Predict energy consumption accurately to optimize usage.

  • Streamline compliance reporting for regulatory efficiency.

  • Ensure operational continuity with regular equipment maintenance schedules.

  • Understand customer usage patterns for improved service provision.

  • Forecast supply-demand accurately to ensure optimal resource allocation.

  • Monitor environmental impact with regular reporting.

  • Prioritize safety compliance for an incident-free environment.

  • Lead infrastructure projects with effective management strategies.

Sustainable Energy
Garbage Truck

Waste Management

  • Optimize routes with advanced analytics for efficiency.

  • Track recycling rates for environmental responsibility.

  • Streamline regulatory compliance reporting for ease.

  • Enhance environmental impact reporting for regulatory

  • compliance.

  • Schedule vehicle maintenance for operational continuity.

  • Simplify waste volume data analysis for capacity planning.

  • Track customer service for satisfaction improvement.

  • Manage landfills more effectively for environmental sustainability.

Your industry not listed?

No worries! The point here is to show how our platform can be used in any industry. Let's have a discussion and see how we can help your business.

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